Full-Stack Developer - Engineer

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  • Project planning using Sprints or using a Gantt chart
  • Work estimation using points or timelines
  • Data modeling and database design
  • Perform test planning for a project
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  • Fast and practical coding style
  • Organized object and service-oriented programming
  • Able to identify potential issues in a design/feature
  • In-depth debugging ability
  • Writes testable and tested code
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  • Server setup and administration
  • Security and compliance
  • Application deployment and automation
  • Release management and scheduling


Ruby/Ruby on Rails

Rails 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x

Design and create REST APIs

Report generation

External service integration (XML, JSON, SOAP)

RSpec/Cucumber testing

Web Frontend




Basic image editing


Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL

Web Servers: Nginx/Thin/Unicorn

Automation: Capistrano/Chef/Monit

Deployment: VPS/Engineyard/Heroku


Project management experience

Work experience in both Traditional (waterfall) and Agile methodologies


Version Control System: Git/SVN/CVS


Fired a live howitzer :D

LaunchPad Recruits

Development Lead (PH)

Helped build the company from the ground up and involved in the decision-making of the product structure and direction

Designed and developed a REST API that enabled the company to integrate with several large Applicant Tracking Systems, as well as the backend API for the mobile application

Performs server maintenance, troubleshooting and security, making sure that the application is PCI compliant and passes penetration testing

Manages task allocation and project scheduling for the PH development team and provides guidance and support for other team members. This includes releases, feature branches and deploy processes

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UP Spectrum Observatory

S&T Consultant

In collaboration with the Electronics Engineering Institute of a University, designed a system of collecting and visualizing spectral data from multiple sensors

Built a web application that serves as the interface for frequency and power data, organizing raw data and enabling users to analyze behavior based on time and frequency dimensions

Server setup, maintenance, and automated application deployment

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Google Maps API

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US and Europe Startup Projects

Application Developer

Served as part of the development team that created MVPs for startup companies in the US and Europe. Noteworthy projects include the following:

  • Social rating application that gets ratings through the website, Twitter, or email
  • Contract management system for a law firm
  • Job board with candidate video profiles
  • Meeting scheduling system via Google Calendar

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Ubuntu/Gentoo Servers, Google/Twitter API

University Management System

Project Manager / Lead Developer

Managed a team of developers to deliver a system used in handling operations of a university, such as course management, scheduling of classes, and student records.

Served as the lead developer and made sure that requirements are communicated to the team and technical solutions are implemented properly. Coordinated directly with clients with regards to requirements, schedule, and deployment. Involved in on-site application deployment and training for end-users.

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Ubuntu Server

Content Management System


Created a Rails engine that provides CMS functionality to any Ruby on Rails application. Core features include user management, localization, URL and page organization, and auto-translation using the Google Translate API.

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails

Human Resource Information System

Performance and Appraisal Module Developer

Studied data modeling techniques and applied it as part of a development team that created the prototype for an HRIS system. Responsible for creating the module that handles performance ratings and appraisals.

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Ubuntu Server

Social Networking Application

Application Developer

Part of a development team that created a social networking/e-commerce web application for a large telecommunications company. This includes user management, forums, product pages and advertising. Involved in communicating with payment gateways and logistics companies that integrate with the application.

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, CentOS Server

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Wedding Application

Wedding invites, RSVP, and info

Personal Project

Online tool used as a virtual invitation card and information hub for our wedding. This also provided tools and reports that allowed us to handle attendees and organize seating arrangements.

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Ruby Gem

Personal Project

PSEI is a Ruby gem that provides the end-of-day trading values in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

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Ruby Gem

Personal Project

Navfund is a Ruby gem that fetches the values of net asset values per unit/share of several UITFs/Mutual Funds. Currently it only supports Philippine providers.

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Firefight mambin 450 d98f57129134444e8f039c4fe7ed0e2e4364a46a0e95bb4536de7d83f4d421fd


Game stats system

Personal Project

Online tool that aggregates data and provides useful statistics and reports for a popular mobile game.

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Star Guard

Game stats and mapping system

Personal Project

Online tool that calculates coordinates and automates processes used for managing locations in a web-based game.

About Me

I studied and graduated as an Electronics Engineer in one of the top universities of the country. As a student, I had great interest in building websites so I studied HTML and CSS during my spare time in the university library.

My first job after I graduated was for a Hardware Engineer position for a company that is connected to a famous Japanese brand. I primarily did Design Verification of ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits), making sure that the design has no defects before the chip gets manufactured. During this time I learned a great deal about planning tests and determining scenarios that could cause issues in a given design.

I then moved on for a career as a Software Engineer in a company doing custom software development. I was introduced to Ruby on Rails and I instantly fell in love with the framework. Some of my projects are a Social Networking Site, CMS, Inventory Management and a School Management System.

13 years later I am still doing web development and thoroughly enjoy it :) Constantly learning and experiencing new technologies to improve my craft and doing side projects occupy most of my free time. Currently I am keen on improving my infrastructure/operations skills.

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